Stop Saying "Disposable" when Talking About Content

We should stop saying disposable content when talking about social media

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital media, the era of disposable content appears to be moving in two directions. Consumers are looking to more meaningful engagements on social platforms, however, the amount of shortform content that is being published online is growing at an extreme rate. In 2024, individuals are increasingly rejecting the transient nature of UGC disposable content in favor of more substantial and thought-provoking experiences. Let’s face it, disposable content is here to stay, but let’s talk about how we can make disposable content recyclable and in some cases, evergreen. Before we dive into this topic any further, the first thing we can do to reframe “disposable content”; it’s content, just content.

Engaging in disposable content can stem from various motives, but a common justification we often hear is, "It's just for Instagram; it won't last." This sentiment raises two notable concerns: firstly, it suggests a lack of confidence in the idea's impact, and secondly, it indicates a desire for cost-effectiveness over lasting impressions. Both signals are red flags for the dedicated team striving to deliver quality work.

Intent in the shots

As storytellers, we craft shots to fit seamlessly into a wider narrative. As cinematographers, each shot should be designed to stand alone. Filming with the intent of using each shot as an individual piece of content, or fitting into a storyline proved essential during ARDO, where we maximized content creation in just one day of filming. By creating shots with standalone beauty, we offer clients the flexibility to make the most of their visual assets. Below is an example of a single shot used in a piece of shortform content, and as a stand alone piece for Instagram.

Shoot Landscape and Crop to Portrait.

A strategy for evergreen content involves shooting in a 16:9 ratio and cropping to 9:16 if necessary. Leveraging functions like the thirds frame ensures the correct framing for both formats. This approach allows the flexibility to repurpose images seamlessly while making sure it lasts, whether for social media or for different ratios on a website, preserving the desired ratios across platforms.

Our Final Takes

75% of consumers are worried about fabricated UGC content, whether it be a fake podcast, or overly scripted UGC. Social media platforms saturated with fake and AI generated disposable content, are now in the midst of a transformation. Users are reassessing their digital footprint, choosing intentional sharing and engagement. Authenticity is now a prised currency, prompting influencers and brands to shift away from the superficial and prioritise building authentic connections with their followers. If you are a brand that has a community on social platforms, make sure you elevate your content where necessary and keep it alive for as long as it needs to be.

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