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Video Marketing in 2024. good video marketing strategies for 2024. Small business video marketing

What Does Video Marketing in 2024 Look Like?

The stage is set for 2024 to emerge as a landmark year, poised to reshape the landscape of video marketing. In 2023, AI transcended the label "buzzword", solidifying its role as a core focus in over 80% of businesses globally. The integration of AI, witnessed through platforms like Open AI's ChatGPT and Image generator, Midjourney, brought forth both excitement and trepidation among creatives – from copywriters to photographers and illustrators.

However, rather than signaling the end of careers or freelance opportunities, this integration ushered in a new era of creativity. Photographers embraced AI to enhance their images, while ChatGPT proved instrumental in boosting productivity for monotonous tasks and overcoming creative blocks. Yet, it remains clear that the delicate touch of a copywriter cannot be replaced by AI responses that delve into technicalities.

As the video realm continues to expand and online marketing cements its dominance, we've identified five pivotal areas where video will make its mark in 2024.

Short-form Videos Surge in 2023: A Glimpse into the Future
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The previous year saw a notable surge in businesses incorporating TikTok into their marketing strategies. Beyond TikTok's direct influence, its impact on META and the broader video marketing landscape was palpable. The resounding sentiment was the need for B2C marketing to cut to the chase. In response, 90% of marketers increased their budgets for short-form videos, signaling a shift toward succinct and impactful content.

Shake Tip: Structure longer videos strategically, breaking them into 5 to 15-second clips for versatile use on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram Stories.

Capturing Engagements: The Power of Activations
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Documenting behind-the-scenes moments, events, or activations is not a novel idea. However, combining User Generated Content (UGC) with the professional touch of companies like Shake Creative creates a potent mix. An astounding 79% of consumers acknowledge the significant impact of UGC on their purchasing decisions. Moreover, 87% of brands express satisfaction with their return on investment in video. This synergy between UGC and polished video content amplifies key online sales traits: authenticity, professionalism, and trust.

Shake Tip: When orchestrating an activation, ensure to enlist both UGC and a professional videographer for optimal social media exposure.

SEO's Vital Role in Video Marketing
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Contrary to the notion that video is inherently "organic," 2024 highlights the indispensable role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Tailoring videos to specific audiences, especially if they serve as homepage bios, becomes paramount. Equally crucial is providing videos with a concise, keyword-rich description to enhance their discoverability on Google rankings.

Shake Tip: Incorporate captions (subtitles) in videos, accompanied by narration if aiming to boost SEO. The transcript becomes readable by search engines, significantly improving the video's findability

YouTube's Unrivaled Influence: Professional Validation
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LegalEagle Youtube

For those seeking a boost in revenue in 2024, establishing a presence on YouTube is non-negotiable. YouTube offers not just visibility but professional validation across diverse industries. LegalEagle serves as a noteworthy example, accumulating millions of subscribers and monthly viewers, translating into potential earnings of up to $1 million annually from sharing legal videos discussing matters of fact and legal positions within courtrooms on high profile court proceedings. While achieving LegalEagle's level of consistency is challenging, even a fraction of such exposure can lead to substantial sales increases and community validation as an industry professional.

Shake Tip: Don't overlook YouTube Shorts; maximize content from a single video by posting shorts in the days leading up to the next full video release.

Silent Viewers: Adapting to Mobile Habits
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A significant portion of mobile watchers prefers silent viewing due to various circumstances. Adapting video content for silent consumption is imperative, linking back to the importance of subtitles. Whether through narration or background music, catering to silent viewers enhances the video's effectiveness.

Shake Tip: Include captions on your narration and interviews whenever possible to establish an authentic connection with your audience whether listening or wathcing in silence and allowing better SEO.

In navigating the evolving video marketing landscape of 2024, embracing these trends and tailoring strategies accordingly will be pivotal for staying ahead in this dynamic digital realm.

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