Crown & Australian Open

Crown and the Australian Open

Ever had one of those "pinch me" moments where reality feels a bit surreal? Well, at Shake Creative, we kicked off 2024 with not just one but a few pinches that had us wondering, "Is this for real?"

Picture this: a last-minute call from the Crown Resorts Creative director to producer, Nicky Finlay of Hell Studios, and suddenly, the wheels were in overdrive. Three days later, there we were, standing in the atrium of Crown, rubbing shoulders with tennis royalty like Caroline Wozniacki, Alexander Zverev, and Andy Murray.

The campaign, aptly named "Q and Aces," was more than just a game of words; it was an opportunity for these tennis stars, temporarily calling Crown home, to engage in some banter and Aussie charm for social media.

Don't let the flawless results fool you; this adventure wasn't without its hurdles. With an atrium echoing with every bounce, public spaces bustling with onlookers, live music, and the sound of waterfalls, the pressure was real, and the heat was felt by every member of our crew, Most notably our sound tech, Tom. But hey, that's where Shake Creative shines brightest.

We nailed the brief, and every member of our crew outperformed themselves. This series of content stands as a testament to why Shake Creative was the perfect team for the job. We move fast, we're agile, and we thrive in the face of challenges.

Hats off to Crown for being fantastic collaborators, and a special shoutout to our partners at Hell Studios, who not only nailed it but supported us every step of the way. This adventure at Crown Resorts wasn't just about hitting aces on the court; it was about acing the game of creativity and collaboration. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes antics from Shake Creative – where every project is an adventure, and every adventure is a story worth telling!

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