About Us

Shake Creative?

Shake Creative offers a bespoke media service in creating content. We focus on taking your ideas and creating something that will elevate your brand above the others. 

Our mission statement is clear, We create content, it's all we do and we're damn good at it.
If you're looking for video, photography, audio or animation, get in touch.

The name coined from the famous interaction between Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace.
If you know, you know.


Our bread and butter since 2013. Video is the most consumed social medium and is ranked number one for marketing online.

When it comes to visual storytelling for your brand, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to provide you with videos that will seperate you from the competitors.

Animation & Motion Graphics

With professional qualifications in animation, we feel confident in offering you any type of animation for your brand. We try to utiliseeither animation or motion graphics where we can as it's something outside the realm of a small production company like ours.
This is our edge - it can also be yours.


Sound is something that goes unnoticed, and for good reason. If the sound is great then you shouldn't notice it! But good sound is not easy to achieve.

Whether you need podcasts, interviews or general sound design, we can help. We have the perfect cocktail of professional sound equipment and professional people to make sure your sound hits the mark.


Pictures are, and always will be the backbone of creative content.  

We beleive that images convey an emotion that can't be replicated in any other creative medium. it's a timestamp of a brands personality that can be looked back on and remembered fondly.

We are trusted by some of Australia's largest brands

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