About Us

How We Started

We are a small group of creative professionals dedicated to telling stories through motion, be it live action, animation or sound. We started with a design degree, Canon 5Diii and a computer in 2017 with a goal of helping people tell stories.

How We Work

When you first contact us, you will be greeted by me, Alex. We will have a conversation to flesh out your vision. I will usually ask you to supply a brief, don't worry if you don't have one, we can create one via collaboration. After the brief has been approved, we will formulate the scope of the job and the team needed. It's all very simple.

Alex Ward

Calum Bellofiore

Toby Garrow

Lead Videographer
Lead Editor
Motion Designer
Sound Editor
Drone Operator


Lead Animator
Motion Designer

We are trusted by some of Australia's largest brands

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